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Goddess Matters

“My work is a continuous exploration of the metaphysical, the mystical and the phenomenal. It is an investigation of the beauty of the universe, both within us and out.

For me, there is more to reality than what our human eyes can see. There is an ever present and very much alive creative impulse that weaves into being the entire cosmos. From the outermost galaxies to our own microscopic cells, a divine energy flows through all. To me this is as real as my flesh. My aim with my art is to capture these ‘sensings’ and share them with the viewer.  

In particular the medium of digital art enables me to touch, express and communicate what I sense. Beginning from a blank digital canvas, these pieces are created by interweaving numerous individual layers. Each layer is made by hand, using the mouse and keyboard as my brushes, and manifest through an understanding of colour, composition and form – the same principles applied in traditional art. Having worked with this technique for over eight years I love how it continues to push me to unexpected visual places… I am always unaware of the end result, which brings an element of enchantment into each creation. Surrender to this flow and trust in this process guides me forward every time. 

My intention is to inspire the viewer to broaden their own perceptions and possibilities. Using luminous colours and evocative tones in my work, combined with calligraphic lines and flowing curves, I hope to encourage the viewer to experience their own inner beauty and shine it out loud.

I am passionate about my art; it is an intimate sharing and a simultaneous release for my soul to reveal what I ‘see’. the metaphysical and mystical ‘unseen’ worlds inspire and move me to produce organic and emotive images of the unseen depths, higher realms and multi dimensions which we are a part of. 

Other mediums of choice include digital photography, photographic manipulations, life drawing, mixed media and body painting. With most all these methods I also incorporate the element of layering. I am constantly intrigued at the way each segment and slice relates to and harmonises with one another.

For me, creating is deeply intuitive, powerful and healing. It is an invitation to traverse the very state of simply being and enter the realms of the infinite."

- Jelena




© Copyright Jelena Mrkich 2013.