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vision statement

Live the life you were born to create


Jelena's mission is to assist people in living a more authentic life via creative expression. To help increase awareness of and strengthen the connection to the therapeutic and self empowering energy that is creativity. The creative life impulse is like oxygen for the soul. It's the stuff you are made from. Jelena's work is an invitation for you to tap into its explorative essence to uncover, access and communicate with your authenticity. It can help you tune into your innate wisdom and inner guidance, assist you to experience self growth and shifts in perspectives and cultivate a greater sense of balance and alignment within. Express who you really are. Explore the gems and findings and open up to transformation from the inside, out.

Drawing upon creative tools, artistic processes, organic elements, imagination, intuition, expression and creativity itself, merged with her personal and professional experience, Jelena offers artwork, artisan wares, sessions, classes and workshops to assist and guide you along your personal journey. To help you honour your wholeness and live the life you were born to create. As her inner child often likes to say "yihaa!".


Born to express life via creativity, the philosophy behind Jelena's work is to expand upon the beauty of the Universe within us and out. Is it true? The truth is in your own heart.





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