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   express, explore, transform // a return to self: f.a.q.

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Express, Explore, Transform
Goddess Matters

Is the course for me? 

This course is for you if you desire to strengthen the connection with your centre in an empowering and guided yet organic and personal way. Meaning even though you will receive specific exercises each participant's journey will be unique to them. 

Like all things, the more you show up for yourself during the course, the more gems you open to uncovering along the way.

You don't need to feel way off your personal track to come back to centre (and if you do feel way off track that is okay too). Perhaps you feel more parallel to your true path, where certain aspects of your life feel to be happy and well, while others not so.

Clearing the path to our centre creates the space for all areas of our life to transform.

Do I need to be creative or arty to do this course?

Seeing yourself as creative or arty is not a course requirement. 

A willingness to express your unique energy is essential.

Is this an art course?

This is not a traditional art course. The course does draw upon creative exercises though does not depend on specific artistic skill or ability. 

You will be guided to deepen the connection with your core essence and strengthen your ability in expressing that out through you and into your life.

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