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Next session begins May 2016!


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At the depths of your beingness
Resides a calm stillness
A point of power you can plug into at anytime
It holds crystal clear clarity
Divine and loving wisdom
And always knows which way to go
To get there from here
One hears a call
It's the hum of your spirit, drumming
Inviting you to journey deep
Into the precious wilderness of   

Ready to journey deep into the precious wilderness of you?

Wild and precious things live there, yes they do. Including your inner truth, radiating light and creative spirit. Whether you already know them well, are familiar with these wild and precious things but are yet to completely trust them or sense you've lost touch quite some time ago, this course meets you where you are at right now. 

The course:

A Return to Self is a 5 week soul nourishing and empowering adventure into the depths of who you are. 

Your core essence is pure energy, and as all energy is, creative. When you tap into your authentic creative expression you tap into pure energy flow and naturally become calmer, clearer, more vibrant and at home within yourself.

This course assists you to create a path back to your centre, and to clear what may be blocking you from embodying the full expression of who you are.

How it works:

For 5 weeks you will be guided through simple yet profound empowering processes and creative prompts to clear your path and open to your wisdom within.

You will receive:

Daily posts (Monday-Friday) delivered straight to your inbox for 5 weeks, which will include empowering processes, creative prompts and inspirations.  

Access to an online community of like-minded people from across the world where you will be able to share your course experience - and cheer each other along in a safe and supportive way. Optional though recommended.

Live support from Jelena (she will be active in the online community space during the duration of the course).

An ebook of the entire course content at the end of the class.

Question time:

Is this course for me?
Do I need to be creative or arty to do this course?
Is this an art course? 
For the answers please see the course f.a.q.


May 2016

Materials + Requirements:

A materials list will be provided before the course commences. It will include items such as a sketch book, a pen, pastels (or pencils) and materials for collaging (old magazines, scissors and glue). 

You will also need a computer and high speed internet connection to access course content and join the online community.

For any questions please contact Jelena



Be notified when registration opens:

Your Name: 
Your Email:



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