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artists, authors & visionaries
A. Andrew Gonzalez 
// transfigurative and esoteric artist 
Alex Grey 
// visionary artist 
Angela van Boxtel 
// digital media artist and producer 
Brigitte McReynolds 
// figurative and abstract painter  
Carlos Barrios // award winning artist born in el salvador 
Dana Mrkich // author, visionary, spiritual intuitive 
Jennifer Mattiussi 
// artist and abstract painter 
Kathrin Longhurst 
// fine artist 
Mia Galo 
// figurative artist 
Mignon Parker 
// figurative and botanical artist 

conscious projects & publications
Alliance for a New Humanity // humanity's inter-connectedness  
Art for Bear Cottage // artists providing workshops for kids 
Children of the New Earth // acknowledging today's children 
Insight Magazine 
// australian edition 
Planet Lightworker 
// metaphysical ezine based in san diego 
The Love Foundation 
// non-profit organisation inspiring people 
The Ocean Project 
// promoting world ocean day 
The Promise Club 
// a place where promises to children are kept 

more good things
Blue Train Cafe 
// southbank, melbourne 
Brett Whiteley Studio // studio in surry hills, sydney, australia  
Free Hug Campaign // the power of juan mann 

Future Me // send an email to your future self  
Quick Clips // video ads for the web   
We are the Image Makers // promoting australian creatives 
Where the hell is Matt? // dancing with his canon camera 


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