Venus Rising is a 40 day journey of self renewal.

This guided course is designed to assist you with renewing your sense of self, replenishing your innate feel-good connection with being you and refuelling your self-worth. Dive deep into your inner world in a safe and soulful way, explore what is really going on, call in what uplifts you, and emerge from the experience embodying more of who you really are. Jelena shares her wisdom, intuited prompts and inspiration unearthed from her own healing journey to deliver a personal experience of transformation for you via simple yet powerful practices.

Ready for your own empowering emergence into more of who you really are?

The Live Round of Venus Rising begins November 16 and runs until December 25.

Registration is now open.

Regular Investment:

Register with one payment of AUD$399
(approx. USD$289).

The birth of Venus Rising

Venus Rising is a 40 day guided experience inspired by Venus Retrograde. 

It is a cycle that occurs every 18 months for a magical 40 days and 40 nights. When Venus the planet of all things love, beauty and worth appears to travel backwards from our earthly perspective. 

Venus Rising emerged from Jelena’s own healing journey during the then Venus Retrograde cycle in 2013 when she felt deep heart-break, experienced elephant-sitting-on-her-chest level of anxiety, faced panic-attacks and questioned, well, just about everything.

Here’s what she has to say on the other side of that.

Since 2013 the Live Round of Venus Rising runs with each Venus Retrograde cycle, 

We are in a Venus Retrograde right now, and continue to traverse this portal of re-evaluation until November 16, when Venus emerges from her reserve travels. As the planet of all things love prepares to stride forward on her divine path… let’s tap into this transformational momentum.

The Live Round of Venus Rising begins November 16.

“This journey brought me face to face with some of the deepest dark, and as I sat with that and brought it close, invited it to my table, I began to uncover my highest spark. I have initiated the leap from unsatisfying and underpaying work to very satisfying and well paying work. I am extremely excited to see it come around. I think I am on the finishing strokes of fully stepping into myself.” – Course Participant

Join a soulful and sacred global circle.

This course has been experienced by participants around the world, including from: Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, Scotland, Spain and the U.S.

This course includes:
– Daily content delivered via email,
straight to your inbox for 40 consecutive days.
– A specific focus for each day,
featuring prompts and inspiration.
– 4 live Q&A broadcasts with Jelena.
– 2 bonus meditations.
– Live support via a private Course Group.

Jelena holds space during the Live Round via a private Venus Rising Course Group where she is available for feedback, support and to answer any questions.

Consider this time as the next best thing to having Jelena as your personal Transformation Coach and Intuitive Guide for these 6 weeks!

New to Jelena? Meet your teacher here

What you need:

  • A sketch book or blank journal.
  • A pen, pastels or colouring pencils.
  • Materials for collaging (old magazines, scissors and glue).
  • You will also need a computer or mobile device, and high speed internet connection to access course content and join the private Course Group.


The current list of Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a Live Round?
  • How is this course delivered?
  • Can you tell me more about the private Course Group?
  • Is this course for me?
  • Do I need to be creative or arty to do this course?
  • Is this an art course?

For the answers check out the Venus Rising FAQ.

Regular Investment:

Register with one payment of AUD$399
(approx. USD$289).

Registration is now open.

Renew your sense of self.
Replenish from within.
Refuel your self-worth.

“Wow. These 40 days were intense! I can feel the changes within and am integrating the nudges. I am writing again. I feel like I can breathe now. I feel calmer and more self-confident. Thank you Jelena.” – Lola, Spain

More about this guided journey…

Diving deep with the transformative elements of Venus

Venus Retrograde is a portal of re-evaluation.

It is a cycle that occurs every 18 months for a magical 40 days and 40 nights. When Venus the planet of all things love, beauty and worth appears to travel backwards from our earthly perspective. As she completes her reverse travels, Venus stations direct (comes to a standstill before proceeding to adjust her direction) in preparation of striding her star-dusted-and-transformed self forward and onwards on her divine path.

Venus the planet rules love, beauty and worth, and fine-tunes our relationship with self-love, self-care, appreciation, the sacred wisdom of our intuition, value, fortune, richness, our level of esteem, confidence and trust, and energy investment.

When a Venus Retrograde cycle approaches and during it, things can seem to go backwards in our personal lives as the energies invite us to take a deep dive inward, re-evaluate and reflect on how we are being, receiving, responding to, allowing and seeing our own self and life.

It’s a super-charged time for going within and reviewing what on earth is actually going-on in our inner world.

During which you might find yourself:

  • Experiencing endings of relationships (or a relationship dynamic).
  • Shifting your attitude around your home or work.
  • Recognising and releasing behaviours and beliefs that no longer support you.
  • Being more of a home body.
  • Feeling less social.
  • Spending less (if any!) time on social media.
  • Reviving feel-good habits and daily rituals.
  • Calling in (at cosmic mega-phone volume) deeper connection with your authentic essence.

As a Venus Retrograde cycle nears completion and finishes with its reverse travels, the energies shift gears again and assist us with gathering up all the newly uncovered aha’s, gems, inspiration and insights from the deep dive.

It’s a time for unfurling, seeking out, looking for, aligning with and actioning better-feeling ways to stride our star-dusted self forward – renewed, replenished and refuelled – from wherever we are.

During which you might find yourself:

  • Opening up to being seen, heard and held.
  • Prioritising connections that truly feed your soul and support who you are.
  • Recognising and accepting opportunities (on any level) that light up for you.
  • Responding to your own self and life in a more soothing way.
  • Returning to more purposeful engagement with your outer world.
  • Creating space for your desires to manifest.
  • Following through on what uplifts you with grounded action.

Venus Rising tunes into this transformative process of immersion and emergence as you dive deep within and unearth what you need to strengthen, support and replenish your innate feel-good connection with being YOU.

Ready to join the journey?

Registration is now open.

Regular Investment:

Register with one payment of AUD$399
(approx. USD$289).

p.s. Want a sneak peak into happens during Venus Rising? Formally known as 40 Days of Venus, check out the hashtag #40daysofvenus on Instagram.