Be kind to you.

It’s phenomenal how simple this powerful action can be, and yet it can be seen as too fluffy to actually make any difference to the world let alone your own life.

Too fluffy.
Too woo-woo.
Too emosh.
Too soft.

If you were vegan marshmallow, yes yes yessss.

But to positively shift your inner world?
Be a real game-changer?
Transform your experience of… everything?


And yet being kind to self can be pushed to the side, momentarily forgotten (for days, weeks or years) or shuffled down the priority list. Even when we intellectually get it and our entire self knows the importance of self-kindness, we can nudge it to the side, for example, when we zoom in on; conditions that don’t feel good, situations that feel anything but fabulous or people who we might want to please or receive love/ approval/ appreciation/ validation from (including partners, family, friends, business circles, ones local community or any other tribe we might want to be a part of).

I see it with many of the divine people I get to work with in my sessions, circles and courses. The learnt response to be hard on oneself, engage in self-harm, self-sabotage or inner bullying is more common than not. So if this is you on any level, know you are not alone. This response however is not our natural flow. Which is why is feels like crap to be anything another than KIND to self.

To practice authentic loving kindness amplifies a boundless and uplifting force, touching everything that matters to you. Rather than a permanent state of being, invite it in as a daily practice.

Notice how you see, speak to and think about yourself.

Like how your inner world feels? Brilliant.

Don’t fancy it so much and ready to shift it? Decide to be more kind to you, and watch what happens.

Here is a Mantra For The Now:

I choose to be kind to me.

Ways you can work with these words:

  • As a meditation. Close your eyes, settle into the natural rhythm of your own breath and repeat the mantra as many times as feels good to you.
  • Use them as an affirmation as you go about your day. Either saying it quietly within or writing it down on paper.
  • Note it down in your journal and write out how it feels to you.

Remember, self-kindness is a practice. It’s okay to ebb and flow with it.

Be kind to you wherever you are at.

So much love,

Jelena xx


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