The essence of creativity has infinite channels of expression.

Your physical being is a channel of creative expression.

And yet creativity is often solely associated with the arts in our Western Culture, dismissing its flow in our everyday goings-on. Like the way you dressed yourself for this day (or night as the case may be in your now moment), the way you plate your food when you prepare a meal, the way you notice the sunshine, the sky or the waves of Mama Ocean or the way you arrive from a question or place of not-knowing to the answer or place of knowing.

The path from where you are to where you want to be is a creative one.

Whenever you feel in the flow of life, is to allow the creative life force within you to do what it does best, to ever-stream through you and emanate out from you, touching all that matters to you.

To deliberately tap into its empowering essence is to access the ever-present connection and communication between you and your inner being/ inner self/ highest self/ soul.

This is Jelena’s calling.

To assist you in amplifying the connection with who you really are, including the accurate inner guidance you hold.

Creating the space for you to uncover your own answers and illuminating your best feeling way from where you are to where you want to be.

“Jelena creates a safe and relaxing sacred space to honour yourself, and take the time to nurture your soul and creativity… The entire process from start to finish allows you to gently move into the space you need, with ease and grace to self-heal and grow at a soul level.” – Lana, West Pennant Hills

What is calling you right now?

The what of what is calling you right now to work with Jelena can show up as a desire for:

  • Gaining deeper understanding with what you are moving through.
  • Uncovering clarity on how you are really feeling about any subject.
  • Calming your mind.
  • Soothing from anxiety.
  • Accessing better-feeling thoughts.
  • Support during recovery from self-harm.
  • Releasing outgrown behaviours.
  • Upgrading inner patterns (mental, emotional, physical, energetic).
  • Allowing healthier boundaries and relationships.
  • Soothing your emotional body.
  • Increasing self-awareness.
  • Opening up to the new on any level (be it a new; perspective, mindset, routine, work life, relationship, social life or home).
  • Aligning with your best feeling self and life.

Ways creativity can visually show up when working with Jelena

Mindful expression via…
An artwork using pastels, pencils or other markers.
A cut-and-paste collage from found images.
Vision boarding.

Expression via crafts, such as the creation of…
Sacred offerings.
A mandala using natural objects.
A dreamcatcher.
Clay pieces.

Paper, scissors and glue are not always required for creativity to show up.

Creativity shows up whenever you express your divine essence…
Via dialogue.
Being YOU.

Jelena works with clients and course participants around the world, including from: Australia, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, the UK and USA.

Ready to align deeper with what you want for yourself and life? Work with Jelena