The Mentoring Calls is a 4-part program designed to support you in your ever-becoming more of who you really are. Jelena assists you with mastering crystal-clear clarity within yourself and where you are at, supports you in your upgrades and transformations, and guides you in embodying your knowing and aligning deeper with the expansion you are calling in.

4 x 90 minute sessions.

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“Jelena is a healer’s healer. Healing isn’t just something Jel does, it’s who she is. It’s in her blood, in her soul, and to sit with Jelena and experience the power of her clarity is a humbling experience. She embodies the true magick and grace of alignment. In her presence one feels inspired back into their “vortex”. That is mastery. – Patrice Corrie, NSW

For in-person Sessions: These are held at Jelena’s home-based Studio in Newport on Sydney’s Northern Beaches (Australia). Address and directions are provided upon confirmation of booking.

For online Sessions: These are held via Zoom, a free App available for download on your computer or mobile device. A high-speed internet connection is required. Available from the comfort and convenience of wherever you are, whether around the corner from Jelena or the other side of Mama Earth.

Session Series: AUD$600.

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Jelena will arrange appointment times that align with you both.

Please note, when your appointment times are scheduled, payment is required to confirm your sessions.