Jelena works with clients and course participants around the world, including from: Australia, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, the UK and USA.

“Jelena is a healer’s healer. Healing isn’t just something Jel does, it’s who she is. It’s in her blood, in her soul, and to sit with Jelena and experience the power of her clarity is a humbling experience. She embodies the true magick and grace of alignment. In her presence one feels inspired back into their “vortex”. That is mastery. – Patrice Corrie, NSW

What Jelena can work with you on

The what of what is calling you right now to work with Jelena can show up as a desire for:

  • Gaining a new perspective and deeper understanding with what you are moving through.
  • Uncovering clarity on how you are really feeling about any subject.
  • Calming your mind.
  • Soothing from anxiousness, anxiety and panic-attacks.
  • Accessing better-feeling thoughts.
  • Support during recovery from self-harm.
  • Releasing ‘old’ behaviours, modes of being or ways of seeing your past.
  • Reframing what has been or what is going on for you right now.
  • Upgrading inner patterns (mental, emotional, physical, energetic).
  • Allowing healthier boundaries within and in your outer relationships.
  • Opening your heart to the natural flow of feel-good sharing and receiving.
  • Soothing your emotional body.
  • Increasing self-awareness.
  • Calling in the new on any level (be it a new; perspective, mindset, routine, work life, relationship, social life or home).
  • Creating the space for what you do want to say, feel, be, do and/or experience.
  • Aligning with your best-feeling self and life.
  • Deepening your own self-care practice.

“Thank you so much Jelena for seeing me, I feel like there has been a block lifted and that I can move forward in steps towards moving into my new work space. Thank you for the rainbow images, I love these and am currently looking for a few more images to post around my house and work space. I am yet to purchase a journal for my daily meditation mandala however will do so today.” – Bronwyn, Sydney

Check-in Sessions
Up to 75 minutes.
An individual session designed to support you in uncovering inner clarity.
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The Session Series
4 x 90 minute Sessions.
A 4-part program designed to support you in personal transformation from within.
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The Mentoring Calls
4 x 90 minute Sessions.
A 4-part program designed to support you in your ever-becoming more of who you really are.
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Mentoring Morning Retreat*
A 3 hour individual intensive designed to support you with aligning with your best feeling way forward.
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