Check in Sessions with Jelena are an individual session designed to support you in uncovering clarity from within. Jelena holds sacred space for you to check-in with where you are at in relation to what you do want and assists you with amplifying your accurate inner guidance. Available to clients who have worked with Jelena previously or as an initial (optional) Discovery Session prior to The Session Series, The Mentoring Calls or Morning Retreats.

1 x individual session up to 75 minutes.

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“Thank you so much Jelena for seeing me, I feel like there has been a block lifted and that I can move forward in steps towards moving into my new work space. Thank you for the rainbow images, I love these and am currently looking for a few more images to post around my house and work space. I am yet to purchase a journal for my daily meditation mandala however will do so today.” – Bronwyn, Sydney

For in-person Sessions: These are held at Jelena’s home-based Studio in Newport on Sydney’s Northern Beaches (Australia). Address and directions are provided upon confirmation of booking.

For online Sessions: These are held via Zoom, a free App available for download on your computer or mobile device. A high-speed internet connection is required. Available from the comfort and convenience of wherever you are, whether around the corner from Jelena or the other side of Mama Earth.

Check in Session: AUD$120.

To make your booking please fill in the form below.

Jelena will arrange an appointment time that aligns with you both.

Please note, when your appointment time is scheduled, payment is required to confirm your session.