Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Way of the We.Moon?
  • What goes on within Way of the We.Moon Circles?
  • Do I need to talk about what’s going on for me?
  • Who are Circles for?
  • Do I need to be creative or arty to attend?
  • Can I still attend if I am new to meditation or feel I can’t meditate?
  • What is provided for this experience?
  • What do I wear?
  • What do I need to bring?

What is Way of the We.Moon?

These Medicine Circles with Jelena are held on the New + Full Moons of each month.

Way of the We.Moon is inspired by the astrological placement of the Moon + also other celestial bodies on occasion (such as the Sun for example during a Solar Eclipse).

These circles work with the ancient and ever-flowing natural rhythms of Mama Nature to tune into, illuminate and uncover the ever-flowing messages, insights and answers from your inner world.

They are not an astrology class.

These circles honour the current lunar phases as a tool for self-awareness, alignment, healing and expression. 

What goes on within Way of the We.Moon Circles?

We smudge. Talk. Meditate. Draw. Journal.

These Circles are a sacred and supportive space for you to align with your wisdom within and amplify the connection with your authentic essence, where you will experience:

Smudging to cleanse and clear energies.

Jelena most often uses white sage, palo santo and/or incense. If you have a particular reaction to one of these please let her know prior to the session. 

A breathing meditation to arrive in the present.

A guided journey to explore the current theme on a deeper level, accompanied by the healing sound of the Shamanic Drum or Tibetan Bells.

Intuitive drawing sessions using pastels on paper to express out your messages, insights and divine inner knowing.

These pieces are not about creating a masterpiece, rather they are for the purpose of self-awareness and authentic self-expression.

Journalling time for noting down thoughts, inspirations and aha moments.

Along with soothing tunes and sharing time within the loving energy in a safe, soulful circle.

Do I need to talk about what’s going on for me?

At particular points of the session the circle is open for sharing what you might feel to heal, release, transform, clarify or voice in a sacred space where you are heard. 

Sharing is optional.

However it is encouraged as it is such an empowering process to verbalise intentions and speak to what is going on for you right now within a supportive circle where you are seen, heard and held, sans judgement.

Who are these circles for?

These Circles are for you if you are looking to:

  • Align deeper with who you really are.
  • Explore the goings-on in your inner world.
  • Receive messages and insights from your wisdom within.
  • Gain greater clarity and understanding with what is coming up for you right now.
  • Own your responsibility for the way you feel.
  • Release and let be what is no longer serving you and your divine path.
  • Tune into the energy of current lunar cycles and the divine flow of Mama Nature.
  • Gather and share within a safe and sacred space.
  • Amplify the connection between you and your divine guidance/ inner being/ higher self/ soul.
  • Up your self-care, while being supported in a connected space.

These Circles are not for you if you:

  • See natural cycles are having no meaning or connection to you.
  • Prefer holding onto others’ ‘stuff’ over aligning with your authentic self.
  • Are looking for a “quick fix” without showing up for yourself.
  • Are in the depths of an addiction or are experiencing a significant mental health issue. Seek the advice of a licensed medical and/or healthcare professional who can help you.

Note: The more you show up for yourself – and with what shows up within a Circle – the more you receive out of the experience.

Do I need to be creative or arty to attend?

Seeing yourself as creative or arty is not a requirement to attend a Circle.

A willingness to express your unique energy is essential.

These Circles meet you where you are at, whether you last picked up a creative tool in kindergarten or are a professional artist.

All levels welcome.

Can I still attend if I am new to meditation or feel I can’t meditate?


These Circles meet you where you are at, whether it is your first time to meditate or you are an experienced meditator.

All levels welcome.

What is provided for this experience?

Cushion + mat.
Paper + pastels.
Water and a selection of herbal teas.
Yummy wholefood snacks.

What do I wear?

What you feel comfy in!

Some wear their yoga pants others have arrived in a flowy dress. There is no right or wrong attire.

Please keep in mind shoes are left at the door.

During cooler weather pack cosy socks.

What do I need to bring?

Your journal and a pen.

You are also welcome to bring a throw if you like to keep snug.

Any items you feel to place in the centre of our circle to charge during the session, such as a crystal or piece of jewellery (which returns home with you).

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