Know how you feel. Your emotions are gold + a freebie for you.

Your emotions are gold.


Ahh, how powerful is the breath.

To breathe means your life force is here now.

You are here, now.
Alive at this time.
Living on Mama Earth in the sacred vessel that is your physical being.

Your life force/ divine self/ who you really are is ever-streaming through YOU.

And the way you feel informs you about where you are in relation to its divine flow.

The better you feel, the more you are allowing this flow to stream through you and into your life.

The more you feel not-so-fabulous reveals there’s resistance to this flow going on, on some level.

Your being is always feeling, whether we are aware of our emotions or not.

We wake up, and feel.
We move through our day, and feel.
We hydrate our body, and feel.
We fuel our body, and feel.
We move our body, and feel.
We observe, witness, see, hear, touch, taste, smell, speak, share, receive, sense, create, imagine, love and with it all we feel.

When we are unaware of or disconnected from our emotional body, life-enhancing emotions are more likely to be surface-level or brief or something that washes over us by chance or on purpose via controlled conditions. Here the uncomfy feelings can see us engaging in denial or behaviours that mask what we actually feel.

Pushing feelings away tends to amplify them and our coping mechanisms unless we choose to face what we are feeling.

The more present with and connected we are to our emotional body, life-enhancing emotions deepen, even slow down as we allow, embrace, immerse into and bask in its sensation. Here a portal opens to greater freedom, because when we recognise our emotions for what they are – crystal clear guidance on where we are at – it loosens any grip on conditions to change before we can change how we feel. Uncomfy feelings are more likely to be met with self-inquiry, and tend not to run amok (for too long!) before we choose to check in with self.

Being present with how you feel is a daily practice.

What if you knew it’s okay to oscillate between knowing what you feel and feeling like you really don’t know?

What if you knew there is no right or wrong way to feel?

What if you knew there are no good or bad emotions?

Every emotion lets you know where you are in relation to who you really are and what you truly desire.

Every emotion.

Your emotions are gold.

Here is a practice to nurture the wild precious treasure that are your emotions: 

Allow what you feel to be what you feel, without trying to change it or needing to take action. Let how you feel inform you of where you are; aligned and in resonance with your divine self or out of alignment? Let it inform you of where you are rather than using your emotions as a call-to-do-something. There are times when breathing, the simple act of bringing your focus to your breath is more powerful in softening an uncomfy emotion than reacting to it via an action.

Allow what you feel to be what you feel, sans self-judgement. 

The more you know how you feel, the more deliberate you become in how you hold any emotion rather than feeling like an emotion has a hold over you.

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Jelena xx