The Moon, she sees all.

The Moon, she sees all. And knows we are here to find our best feeling way – through this moment, this day and every day after that.

The best feeling way unfolds one better feeling thought at a time.

It isn’t about forcing oneself to be positive or seeking out the elusive “perfect” thought. It’s about noticing the thoughts you are thinking and recognising the freedom within to choose a different thought in any moment.

To choose a different thought in itself might seem far from rebellious or revolutionary or change-making. And yet, the way we think is what moves us, brings movement to our highest desires, prayers and visions and contributes to the movements (inner and out) that mean the world to us.

How are you feeling about what you are thinking right now?

Be kind to you wherever you are at.

Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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So much love,

Jelena xx

p.s. 📷  The view of the Moon from my driveway this morning.