A dance of 2019 gratitude and 2020 vision.

2019, I dance you out.

365 days ago I was literally carried to the top of a lookout in the Grampians, Victoria. To sit on a cliff edge and breathe in a most spectacular sunrise.

I didn’t know it at the time but I had broken my ankle bone.

When I returned home a few days later, I found myself at my local hospital emergency, my leg put into a strapped boot for six weeks and was told it would take a year for the bone to completely repair.

That road trip to Victoria went through many towns and national parks that are in an emergency right now, with either fires having blazed through, or under threat of approaching fires or communities evacuating from it (where possible).

I dance out grief for the lives lost, the wildlife gone and the homes burned down. I dance out bewilderment of the government. I dance out my prayers of gratitude for the fire fighters, Emergency Services crew, volunteers, the animal shelters, kind hearts sewing mittens for burnt paws and leaving out vessels of water for insects and birds. I dance out my prayers of thanks for abundant rain to come.

As I’ve read others write about 2019, “This is not a drill”.

And so 2020. I dance into you.

I dance to welcome you and welcome the me I am ever-becoming. I dance in continued prayers for abundant rain to come. I dance in bowing-to-my-knees and forehead-to-Mama-Earth thanks to my breath, body, emotions, thoughts, creativity, intuition and spirit. I dance in heart-wide-open thanks to my loved ones, family (furry and feathery ones included), friends, clients, course participants, everyone who has sat in circle with me and each one of you on my list.

For me 2020 feels like it isn’t waiting nor requiring for you to be more healed, more enough, more worthy, more fit, more financial or more whatever you think might need more of before you allow yourself to follow through on your dreams, desires and visions one step at a time from where you are.

2020 is ready for you as you are.

It is a reminder inner work/ soul work/ growth is part of life’s journey, not a self-sabotaging block or excuse on your way to what you really want to be, do, have, say, feel and experience.

Dance out your fullest gratitude.
Dance in your best-feeling visions.

I am here dancing with you.

Your divine flow ever-moves you in the direction of what you truly want. 

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Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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So much love,

Jelena xx