Being you is a vital nectar.

Being you is vital nectar.

This sentence is really lighting up for me right now. It birthed out while I was writing this poem.

I love how the interpretation of this sentence shifts depending on which word you emphasise.

Being you is vital nectar.

You are the only you on Mama Earth. One in billions. An embodied miracle. When you move in alignment with who you are, you are in the widest receiving mode of all that you desire to be, do, say, have, feel and experience.

Being you is vital nectar.

There are a gazillion other things you could be DOING other than BEING you. Like resisting, dismissing, suppressing, avoiding, belittling, judging, stifling, squashing, ignoring, denying, limiting, blocking, doubting, sabotaging or any other ING that turns your ancient yet ever-expanding star-dusted light way way down.

Being you is vital nectar.

Vital = essential. When wellness is essential to you, being you is essential to your wellness.

Being you is vital nectar.

It is the highest quality of personalised life-enhancing fuel in the entire Universe when you allow yourself to be who you are. It’s soul-nourishing balm. It’s a potent and powerful elixir for your best-feeling self and life.

As you go about your week, may you create an abundance of vital nectar.

And how to do that?

Be you.

Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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