I hear the calling of my soul; a mantra for the now.

A mantra for the now.

I hear the calling
of my soul.
I know it now by the
way it feels to me.

Some of us hear this call with clarity, sense its vibration or feel it in the body.

Others aren’t curious to know what on earth is it and why would one want to hear it.

There are those who move toward and move away then move toward this knowing like a sacred dance.

Many times in a lifetime.
Many times in a day.

Whether it’s calm, clumsy feeling, chaotic, unfurling in small changes or making itself seen during major life happenings.

Then there are those that no matter where they are, how near or far from this knowing they may be, that once they know it there is no pretending otherwise.

Wherever you are at, your divine self keeps on beaming guiding nudges from within.

Feel it to hear it.

Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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