Sacred space for your inner child + a freebie for you.

No matter how many trips around the Sun we experience, if there’s someone who has zero concern about age, it’s our inner child.

The older we get, it might seem “grown up” to dismiss or deny the many qualities and experiences that are natural to our inner child. Whether we were given safe space to express and embody these qualities in our actual childhood or not.

Things like;

Day-dreaming; and seeing the value in that.

Using our imagination; as a deliberate visioning tool for tuning into what we do want.

Having fun; we’re talking authentic fun versus activities that numb our senses or mask how we truly feel. This includes having fun being yourself.

Making art; allowing our inner world to communicate with us (via any medium that calls us).

Being curious; open to the new and eager to grow and expand.

Quiet time; as one way to regulate emotions, which can show up as a nap or ‘me-time’.

Being creative; exercising creativity as self-empowering expression.

Inspired movement; being in tune with your body and what it needs.

Play; an uplifting way to integrate and embody more of who you really are as it engages our physical being while simultaneously stimulating our senses.

And more.

Your inner child has an innate connection to all of this; day-dreaming, imagination, fun, art-making, curiosity, quiet time, creativity, movement and play – and a natural knowing of how to connect with each.

Check in with how many of these you recognise as being in your childhood.

How many of these are in your life right now?

The other night inspired movement showed up for me as as a need to lay down on my dining room floor and be still for a few minutes. I had a few things to do before bed but in the same moment I felt ready for sleep. The next best thing felt like being on the floor, so that’s exactly what I did. I could have talked myself out of it, said “That’s ridiculous!” or completely ignored the thought. It’s not my usual place to lay down in Shavasana (a yoga pose for relaxation), but my body was saying this is what I am needing right now. 

Did it feel silly? 

Did it matter if it felt silly?

I did it anyway.

And a few minutes later I felt so much better.

Without feeling ashamed or belittling myself that that was what I need in the moment.

As grown-ups even when we connect or have a conscious connection to qualities and experiences that are natural for our inner child (whether they were in our actual childhood or not), we tend to carry these heavier emotions such as guilt, shame, unworthiness or inadequacy, and other judgements along for the ride.

When we allow space for what we want to express, it allows space for what our inner child wants to express too. And vice versa.

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Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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Jelena xx