I see you, número três.

I see you, número três.

Every time I see this hand-painted number adorning the wooden mirror frame at one of my fav local cafes, it speaks to me of divine signs, messages and synchronicities.

The more we notice and receive them, the more they show up for noticing and receiving.

One way to receive them is through appreciation.

The Universe/ Source/ Mama Creation hears every ‘thank you’ in all the ways it can be expressed through our being, be it; spoken aloud, said quietly within, gestured via our hands placed over our hearts, a head nod, a high five in the air, momentarily closing our eyes, a smile, a note of gratitude in our journal or however your body chooses to respond to and engage with this ever-flowing stream of communication.

Divine signs, messages and synchronicities are like sacred gems that are delivered on our path. Often more times and in more ways than we notice. Some can land right in front of our nose, and find us questioning or doubting if it’s really cosmically on purpose. Other times they arrive clear as day or in such a way it’s impossible to ignore. Especially when the same theme, topic or subject shows up twice, three times or more.

They can even become a pattern or a form of dialogue between you and your inner knowing. For example, I spot five cent pieces on the ground right when I need a reminder I am ‘on track’. It began over a decade ago and still happens to this day. The little rounds of silver have found me at my local farmers markets, when I’m out on a walk and at the airport. They’ve even found me when I’ve travelled to the other side of the world, and shown up in the local currency.

Sure, we can dismiss these happenings or call them mere coincidences.

Yet, something anchors more deeply within us the more we open to receiving them.

Every time we acknowledge these sacred gems that show up on our path, by divine default we are acknowledging our interconnectedness with all that is.

Right now on our planet, anything that strengthens our innate sense of connectedness and natural connection with our divine life force, to that I say, I see you.

Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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