I tune into my heart; a mantra for the now.

A mantra for the now.

It flowed out earlier this morning after waking up to bushfire smoke in the air.

When we move though personal or collective crisis or deep change, it can see daily practices that maintain our wellbeing go out the proverbial window.

It’s normal to pause or push away on some level the things that seem we can do without. To tend first to the most pressing and essential.

Where possible cultivate and replenish a personal collection of tools that help you focus, harmonise your energy and create the space for clarity to find you.

So that when pressing things arrive and one or two or more things are paused there is at least one practice in your toolbox or medicine bag that assists you along the way.

It might be deliberate breathing, journalling, dancing, drawing, singing, moving, tapping along your meridians, dabbing skin-friendly essential oils on your pulse points, using a mantra like this one or whatever soothes, supports or uplifts you.

For me meditation is one daily non-negotiable practice. It has alleviated anxiety, supports my everyday and has buoyed me through some rough seas.

Do you have a daily non-negotiable or if you had one what would you most like it to be for you right now?

A note, and if that one tool also goes out the window for whatever reason, be easy with yourself.

Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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So much love,

Jelena xx