Light, Clarity and hello Full Moon in Scorpio.

Whether we think we are ready or not, the light holds clarifying power to reveal the previously unseen goings-on within us and on our path.

Sometimes what comes to light can be so very welcome, like a balm, a blessing or relief. Other times it might be frustrating, discombobulating or like the last thing we want to see.

Where you are at within your own self influences how you feel about what is being revealed.

There is no right or wrong way to feel, and ultimately every emotion offers deeper clarity with where you are at. That clarity in itself can be challenging to receive when we don’t want to look at something, especially a pattern or way of being that we keep repeating that is no longer serving us. When that clarity is received, by divine default it positively shifts us.

As with every Full Moon, the current energies of this week’s Full Moon in Scorpio is illuminating what is ready to be seen.

Are you eager to lift your face to see or finding yourself wanting to hid under a blanket?

Whatever is surfacing for you right now, there is a cosmic-sized opportunity this week to see what we need to see, in order to fine-tune our alignment with what we are truly desiring for ourselves, our community, our collective family of humanity and Mama Earth.

A note, we don’t need to wait for a Full Moon.

Your own light holds clarifying power to reveal the previously unseen. The divine part of you that is intrinsically and intimately connected to the Universe/ Source/ Mama Creation, That part of you that is more than a “part”, and unconditionally beams guidance to you. Guidance that is calling you toward more of who you really are, and in the direction of what you are here to embody and experience.

Your light is ever-loving you. May you be loving your light.

Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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So much love for you,

Jelena xx