See the best you can; a hand-cut collage in my art journal.

Our ability to
feel really good
is an integral part
of the atmosphere.
Incredible things
happen with
belief in ourselves.

the best
you can.

| Hand-cut collage in my art journal.

I felt the impulse to create a collage for today. When I sat down with my scissors, glue and collection of magazines, images jumped out as they always do.

However each time I went to put the pieces together it somehow wasn’t “it”.

So I got up, put on some J Lo, had a dance in my studio and then sat down to see what would flow out.

And out it flowed with ease.

A reminder to self, when we feel stuck or a block on some level, move your physical body.

Do what feels soothing to you in the moment, it might be stretching, jumping or walking on the spot. Perhaps it shows up as a desire to swing your arms around the sides of your torso several times or see you get on the floor and put your legs up the wall.

Moving our body is one way to move where our mind + emotions + vibe are at too.

As the saying goes; Change one thing and everything changes. 

Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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