Sketchy pencil on my path + a unicorn.

Divine communication is flowing your way, every day.

That ever-present dynamic between the Universe/ Source/ Mama Creation and you.
That ever-beaming guidance from your inner being/ inner self/ highest self to you.

For me today divine communication showed up in the form of a sharpened 2B sketching pencil.

I have gone on thousands of walks, and this was the first time I have come across such a thing, literally right in front of my feet.

It might sound trivial. Like, “Yay you. You found a pencil”.

But what made it not just a pencil for me, was its symbolic meaning and the way it felt to my being.

Add to that, its impeccable timing.

Before my walk, I had flipped open my journal and wrote about fine-tuning priorities (not an everyday theme explored in my journal). I even wrote a deliberate note, to do three specific creative-fire-fuelling tasks in my studio before other errands. And I could feel myself needing some reinforcement. 

So, to then come across this creative wand tool (which also happens to be one of my fav), an immediate feeling of “Ahhh, thank you” flowed through me. A thank you to Mama Creation for the reinforcing sign.

All the things in the world hold their universal, communal or common meanings. However we each hold our own personal meanings of these same things.

Like the pencil. Maybe someone else walked right over it or even if they had spotted it perhaps it didn’t spark any connection. 

For me, it was a visual symbol of sharp focus, a reminder to tend to my creative-fire-fuelling things and felt so “on point”.

Speaking of pointy things, yes that is a golden-horned unicorn with a blue mane to the right of the pencil. It was a few metres up from my treasured find.

In what ways have you been noticing divine communication on your path?

Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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So much love for you,

Jelena xx