The door to your power change; a hand-cut collage in my art journal + journal prompts for you.

Tuning into the Lion’s Gate Portal via art-making.

The door to
can change your whole life.

| Hand-cut collage in my art journal.

The Lion’s Gate Portal is an annual cosmic alignment that occurs from June 26 until August 12, with the peak of its creative and fiery energies being on 8/8.

This is a time when the Sun (while in the sign of Leo) rises above our horizon hot on the tail of the star Sirius (also known as our Spiritual Sun). 

What does that mean for you?

It’s an invitation to deliberately tune into your intuition, to hold steady to your highest visions and allow the divine power of your heart to flow through you + be what moves you.

To assist you in exploring this further, here are a few prompts for your notebook or art journal:

– What are you truly feeling about yourself?

– What are you truly feeling about your reality in this moment?

– What connection are you noticing between the two?

– If you allowed yourself to imagine your highest vision for yourself and the world, what would that look and/or feel like to you?

– Where are you placing your power right now, and how does that feel to you?

– What message does your heart have for you?

Even though we can connect to these energies at any time, this weekend is a divine time to be mindful of your intuition, the truth within your heart and your point of power.

May you know you are a change-maker. You sovereign being, you.

Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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