The question took her by surprise; A mixed media piece in my art journal.

The question took her by surprise. A mixed media piece in my art journal.

Inspired by this week’s Full Moon in Scorpio and it’s razor-sharp focused vibes. Along with the current planetary positions and movements of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. The outer planets that love to play hard ball, that excel at accelerating personal and collective growth. Growth which can show up in our individual lives like we’ve been unexpectedly enrolled into bootcamp training. The kind of training that pushes you to access and activate abilities you forgot about or didn’t yet know you had. The kind that reinforces your natural talents and catapults your skills to the next level or calls you to deeply review how you are applying them in your daily life. Like a seed sprouting out from the earth or a flower blooming from a bud, these energies help push us out of our comfort zones. And not without a few (or many!) of our buttons being pushed too.

This type of cosmic weather reminds me of the perspective;

The Universe is not doing anything to you, it is doing things for you.

Which brings me back to my mixed media piece.

I was flipping through the pages of a pre-loved book and these six words jumped out at me….

“The question took her by surprise”.

Now, imagine this question was not one that somebody else asked ‘her’, but was a question she asked of herself.

What question(s) would you voice to yourself if you were standing in a place of sureness?

What question(s) would you want the solution, resolution or answers to, if you allowed yourself to breathe in pure possibility and the knowing you are capable of living your dreams (including the way you feel about yourself and how you move through your experiences)?

What question(s) would you ask of yourself that would surprise you – which would also serve and lend support to your visions and desires?

If it feels good to you consider this as a focus during meditation or reflect upon it in your journal or visual diary.

Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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