Your body holds the wisdom of all who have come before you.

It’s like magic being woven when my 92 year old grandma plaited my hair this afternoon. Like she used to do for my sisters and I when we were kids. As some of you know, my grandma lives with me, and even though she might not remember what day of the week it is or if she’s had her breakfast, it’s phenomenal how her hands hold memory. Without a millisecond of a pause she gathered up my hair, sectioned out three equal parts and began to weave like it was the most natural thing in the world.

The body knows.

Our body holds so much wisdom, tuning into my own and guiding others in fine-tuning the connection with theirs is such a deep seated focus for me that I’m certain if it isn’t an inherited passion from previous lives then (and perhaps also) it’s my South Slavic tribal ancestors whispering guidance into my bones on the ways to navigate this ever-unfolding experience. Or (and perhaps too) it’s from the receiving of inspiration beaming from my future self and the generations ahead of me who have already illuminated my path and are calling me forward one step at a time. While simultaneously holding space for me to make my own choices, to hold steady to the desires within my belly and be free in what I deliberately decide and wish to weave into form for myself and life.

It’s a blessing to witness my grandma being able to know herself as a great grandma, who is able to remember who I am, who my sisters are and our families.

All of this is speaking to my heart right now as we collectively move through a time where we are constantly being told our older humans in our family of humanity are at their most vulnerable, and somehow with it the ancient yet ever-expanding wisdom within our collective bodies is experiencing heightened vulnerability (many are familiar with the healing of our Inner Child aspect, of allowing the voice of our child within to be heard… so too we have an Inner Elder aspect, and they are well versed in how your body communicates its knowing with you).

The Elders of Native and Indigenous cultures past, present and future do hold the wisdom, have the knowing, know how to guide us to return to a more balanced way of being.

Are we listening?

Are we open to creating safe space for their wisdom to be welcome within the global arena, beginning within our own self, homes and communities?

We each have our individual relationship with the elders (often dismissed by using the term ‘elderly’ within Western Culture) in our personal families. Some of us will have never had the chance to meet them, others have been raised by them, some will have been the caretakers of them and there are those who have been disowned or harmed by them.

I see each of you.

Wherever you are at with your relationship with those who have come before you, if you are reading these words your body is here now.

Your body holds the wisdom held within the generations who have come before you, even if it was subconscious. Your body holds its own wisdom right now, unique to you in its essence and expression.

This weekend take a moment to tune into your body’s wisdom.

What message does it have for you?

Mine is saying it’s okay for things to appear imperfect, it’s okay if a hair is out of place. Zoom out of how things appear, and breathe into how things actually feel for your body.

Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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