I breathe in my light; a mantra for the now.

A mantra for the now as we move into the weekend.

I breathe in my light.
My light is ever-loving me.
I am loving my light.

Inspired by the blog post, Light, Clarity and hello Full Moon in Scorpio.

A reminder to self, your light holds clarifying power to reveal the previously unseen within you and on your path. Whether that clarity is soothing or startling, know it arrives offering deeper clarity with where you are at in relation to what truly matters to you.

The more you appreciate what your light reveals for you, the more things that you appreciate reveal themselves to you.

Want to tune into this mantra? Here are a few ways to work with it…

Use it as a focus during meditation.
Write it out in your journal and see what flows on from it for you.
Express it out via any medium that calls you in your visual diary.

Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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So much love for you,

Jelena xx